Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Journal Entry It Is Located Bes

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Journal Entry.

It is located beside a university but is a very restricted area. Only the employees can get into the facility and of course, the scientists as security personnel as well. This area is highly mysterious because of the nature of its research which is to communicate and understand extra terrestrial beings with the objective of finally meeting one someday. It has mixed reactions of awe and encouragement as well as condescension and ridicule of its research from the scientific community due to the controversial nature of its research. Everyone however agrees that it is in engage in cutting edge research and that its scientists are the most brilliant in the field.

Again, I would like to have a character that everyone can relate but is interesting. I would like the character to be a male though. He should be related to the academe so that we could relate as students. He could be a student or to make the character interesting, a professor. A professor that is scientist as well and he must be a little queer to add mystery and interest to the character. He should be endeavouring some endeavour that very little people understands. He may be a little strange but he is brilliant. And of course as many brilliant people often complain, he is misunderstood. And this endeavour or research of his made him look queer or taken as crazy by people around him. Later however, he is vindicated because he proved that he is right. He must have a counterpart to complete a story. After all, a hero is nothing without a villain. So I would make another character which is as queer as a professor and a scientist. That would be a alien. The alien is a pilot and just like us looking for another planet with intelligent beings. Yes he would come in peace but will add some twist later to make the story interesting.

The setting/s and characters should be connected to the plot. If I have a laboratory,

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