Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Influenza Pandamic The Policy C

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Influenza Pandamic.

The policy contains numerous, strong elements that make implementation of the program easy. These strong aspects remain fundamental to comprehensive implementation of the entire policy. The government supports the implementation program through the center for disease control and prevention within the department of health and human services (Bartlett & Borio, 2008). The provision of funding for the program by the government department essentially remains a significant, strong point for the entire policy. Through government funding, the success fro the program becomes immensely enhanced, effectively reducing the risk of program failure midway through the implementation process.

As an important element in the implementation process, funding ensures the program reaches completion stage successfully. The government funding ensures proper utilization of the budgetary allocation for the department of health and human service. Availability of a credible funding source remains critical towards the success of the program. Funding could essentially ensure comprehensive management of the program from inception till the end. Another strong element for the policy could be identified as pharmaceutical research for the various drugs utilized in the mitigation of pandemic outbreaks. The presence of government funded researches regarding the disease and various drugs utilized in the treatment of the disease.

Research remains critical in the updating of information regarding relevant drugs, essential for comprehensive mitigation of outbreaks. Through research, the CDC could identify ineffective drugs resulting from development of resistance by the pathogens causing the disease. While this enables identification of drug resistant pathogens, research could significantly enhance the capability to develop new drugs for treating different forms of influenza infection.

The implementation of the plan contains

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