Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic History Of Judasim However Afte

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic History of Judasim.

However, after three months she was no longer able to hide him and was forced to throw him in the river. In a strange turn of events, pharaoh’s daughter picked up Moses and she decided to keep him as her son.

The royal family adopted Moses and he was raised as a prince. However, Moses soon find out he was Hebrew. He one day killed an Egyptian for mistreating a Hebrew. He was forced to run away and was adopted by Hobab after he rescued his daughter from rude shepherds. One day as Moses was grazing his fathers in laws sheep on MT Horeb, he came across a burning bush (Neusner, 2010). Moses went and talked to the burning bush and this marked the start of his relationship with God. Moses was instructed to go return to Egypt and free the Hebrews. He would then lead them to the Promised Land.

One key event that is associated with Moses is that he was sent by God to free the Hebrews for slavery. Moses went back to Egypt and met with the pharaoh telling him of God’s wishes. However, pharaoh was reluctant to free the Hebrews. He turned his rod into a snake as to show that he was sent by God. What transpired is that God sent ten plagues and Moses predicted each one of them. Moses turned river Nile into blood and this killed all the fish. This marked the first plague. In the second plague, Moses was able to bring all the frogs from river Nile to Egypt. Later, Moses infested Egypt with lice and flies. The pharaoh would still not allow freeing the Israelites. Moses inflicted a disease that killed all the Egyptians livestock. He then caused Egyptians to suffer from incurable boils and brought thunderstorms and hails. In the eighth plague, Egypt was covered by locusts which all the food they had planted. Moses initiated a total darkness in the ninth plague. After all this plagues, pharaoh was still standing strong on his resolve of not freeing the Hebrews. The 10th and final

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