Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Hinduism Interview In This Case

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Hinduism interview.

In this case, the Hindus are able to remain bound to their religious believes, and respect others regions due to their selfless services. Realization of truth occurs through devotion to certain aspects of supreme reality, and this is attributed to worshiping Gods such as Krishna and Goddesses such as Durga (Verma, Inamdar & Kumar, 2009). Hinduism has shaped people’s lives by encouraging practices of self-analysis, meditation and selfless service. Moreover, this religion facilitates a significant belief that leads to dependence to God. Hindus worship Krishne as their main God since there are millions of Gods in Hinduism.

There are religious and cultural foods requirements in Hinduism, whereby people make provision of various sources of foods that are culturally appropriate. However, there is open mindedness of Indian people concerning the influence by various cultures and religions. for instance, a man may eat meat by his wife may not eat this kind of food. Hinduism does not prohibit eating meat, though there is a notion that no living thing has equal live to live. thus, people should not kill animals (Verma, Inamdar & Kumar, 2009). Therefore, most of the Hindus are vegetarians, while others have found a necessity of eating eggs and fish occasionally in the contemporary urban Western life. Nevertheless, Hindus are fond of serving rise and tea at their every meal, while numerous Indian have adopted Western style meals, which they take for breakfast, lunch and conventional meals for dinner. Nonetheless, some of the meals they take include unleavened wheat bread, vegetables, curries, yogurt-based food and fruits.

According to Verma, Inamdar & Kumar (2009), karma is discussed by Hindu scriptures as a law of cause and effects, thereby facilitating creation of destiny through their thoughts, dealings and expressions. There is a conviction that illness and other health

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