Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Family Images Th Family Issues

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Family images.

th family issues unquestionably do grave harm to the image of family simply because they present an inadequate or even a deformed and a wrong outlook on the relationships between family members. Besides focusing on the failure of the marital enterprise, family problems such as infidelity, sexual activity outside of marriage, and the absence of an ethical and a religious vision of the marriage are omnipresent in all American magazines treating family issues.

If we give a glance at most of the online American magazines that are so interested in the image of the family, we will find that the most recurrent theme is divorce. Nevertheless, there is always a tendency to present an ideal and a prototypical family for the common audience. In the Focus On The Family, an American family is introduced as being so happy and faithful to the teachings of Christianity. The daughter, who was trying to catch some fish is disappointed and is therefore asked to put her whole trust in God.

“In my bewilderment, I realized that God was pursuing my daughter, wooing her heart with His indescribable grace. For years, I had been trying to say and do all the right things to prod her closer to God. But it was Samanthas heavenly Father, not her earthly one, who caused her to trust Him. Just as He filled the nets of two Galilean brothers long ago… He sent a fish to my daughters line — and fed her growing faith.”1

While some American magazines try to help parents better guide their children to the right path, other magazines endeavor to organize American families lives by encouraging children to study well, eat healthy diets and have sufficient sleep. Such American magazines are targeting fresh couples who have just got initiated in marital life.

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