Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Fallacies In Advertisement With

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Fallacies in Advertisement.

With the tag line ‘feed your dreams,’ the ad was trying to associate the product with the accomplishments of the three men who were featured. Upon looking at the advertisement, a couple of questions occurred to me: suppose I would take in such product, would that necessarily feed my dreams? And what would ‘feed my dreams’ mean actually? It was so ambiguous that any meaning could be associated with it. Suppose I try to give it some meaning, which was to encourage me and make my dreams come true like those men who were featured, would that make it similar to what Muscle Milk was trying to portray in the ad? And what dreams would the product make come true, only those who dream to be like those ‘rookies’ and top athletes? It seemed to me, with this ad, that Muscle Milk was trying to put some causal link between taking in their product and the successful careers of the three athletes. Would a successful career be a product of taking in a supplement like that? It does not necessarily follow, thus, this ad had committed fallacy of false cause.

Like some of the more informed consumers, I always looked for some reason to believe as regards the claim of a company’s product in its advertisement. The one thing that I had noted in this advertisement was the reason to believe provided the wrong authority to back up the claim. I then asked myself, would I believe this advertisement in its claim for the benefits that Muscle Milk would offer if I were to buy some supplements? Should I not consult a dietitian or a nutritionist in order for me to know the effects of taking in such product to my body, had I wanted to reap the benefits that the product claimed? Therefore, if the claim to the benefits should prove to be true, surely, it should be the dietitians and not the athletes who were to be consulted? If the benefits were to be measured in terms of the effects to

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