Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Explain The Relationship Betwee

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Explain the relationship betweenTeam Learning and Shared Vision.

ave its basis on the cognitive capabilities of every individual that varies according to history of psychological patterns as expressed by many theories, specifically the Psycho Dynamic Theory (Klein, 1998). In contrast, team learning is a vast concept with huge nitty-gritty involved in it. It requires extensive effort and investment of a lot of time to lead a team through a learning process. Since, there are many individuals who have to go through distinct cognitive processes unique than the rest, the learning process is extensive with many endorsements to get things clear on part of every individual. Thus, it reaches a high level of complexity that could mean excessive repetition for some individuals if they are quick learners and can readily adapt to a change.

Moreover, to add to the complexity in a team-learning environment, every individual happens to have a distinct social, cultural, psychological, religious, and psychosocial background. These factors have unique and strong impact over the lives of those individuals and these factors influence the way they carry themselves in different lifestyles. Their thinking capabilities and cognition are usually shaped by these factors since their brought up and lifestyle depend on them. Therefore, a team of diversified individuals with distinctive lifestyles and culture are very much difficult to handle making it difficult to impart something to them homogeneously.

On the contrary, in an individual learning, the specific person is considered as a unit. however, in team learning, the whole team is a unit. Thus, it does not matter if half of the members work effectively and the other half does not. the only thing that could make them successful would be every individual putting up good efforts and collaborating with each other’s aptitudes to achieve something, which is aspired and pursued by all of them (Gorelick, Milton & April, 2004).

Coming towards the second concept, let the paper analyze what the concept

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