Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Evatuation Argument Contrary To

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Evatuation argument.

Contrary to the expectations, Minh Dang’s parents started molesting her at the tender age of three and she was later on traded in brothels to sustain her parents’ incomes against her will. On the other hand, Maria Suarez’s parents tricked her in sexual slavery by sending her to attend a job interview for the position of a house help where she was in turn held hostage (Sher 89). The argumentantive approach indicates that Abby Sher’s short stories succeed in evaluating the mayhem that faces people subjected to sexual trafficking, but it is evident that she fails to include the actions undertaken by other members in the society to halt the anti-social behavior.

The author’s study presents Minh Dang’s bibliography in the form of a story, which acquaints knowledge to readers from different demographic groups about the types of experiences condoned by the society as things of the past, but yet in prevalence and harmful to the young women and men. For instance, the fact that Minh Dang faced sexual harassment from her father from the age of 3 years is an indication that ignorance in the society has provoked the prevalence of the inhuman practices (p. 15). Therefore, the author’s approach in the subject of sex trafficking to the different recipients of the messages deciphers the intended understanding to intelligently identify the unethical relationships whenever they exist (Hanes 1). According to McSwane David, child trafficking remains a prevalent in the American society with the administration acting slowly to halt the continuity of the menace. Abby Sher succeeds in informing the society that the Maria Suarez and Minh Dang’s family members with whom the children trusted exposed them to the harmful trade against their consent. When reading the stories about the two victims, it is evident that they were incapacitated to act in accordance to their constitutional rights because of the physical and mental torture they would face

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