Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Eisa Software Components Though

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic EISA: Software Components.

Though it is not commonly used, it can be useful in situations where specific personal information is of the essence like their location. ERP is another key program application that is run in this section since it is fundamental to many systems. The communication system setup used in this department is that of the star topology (Smith & Seifert, Illinois).

IT department

This is the area that handles the technology and ensures that the company gets new innovation. They ensure that information services and ideas are functional to the whole department and the entire company at large. This enhances communication and improves the delivery of services to the company. They not only deal with the technological aspects of technology, but also on strategic issues (Fagan, 2005).

Accounting and Finance

This is the department that ensures that cash flow of the company is strong. They handle all financial matters and ensure that all transactions are accurately and professionally recorded. They also ensure that the services offered to the clients are relevant. They relay the information to the administration regarding what consumers want. They join the company with the outside world and also inform the company of what the outside world wants (Camp, 2004).

Annotated architectural draw based on software components

The component diagram shows a web based approach based on the organization’s image and how its operations works. Operational components are represented and broken down into comprehendible software components. As shown from the diagram, the three organizational departments are all linked to a central web server in a star topology.

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