Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Design User Interface Of Intera

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Design user interface of interactive systems.

Keeping in view the stakeholders and the requirements of the proposed system, the first idea for the dashboard design is to consolidate and arrange the required information in a way that it would be displayed on a single screen to inform the user regarding the desired weather conditions. In the first idea it is proposed that the widgets including daily and weekly temperature along with seven days of the week would be shown at the left side bar on the dashboard screen, whereas, the images (sunny, cloudy, rainy) along with location screen would be displayed at the middle and right below corner of the dashboard. And the remaining widgets including the date and location (user input) for determining the weather forecast would be placed horizontally at the top of the screen.

In the second idea, it is proposed that all the information would be displayed on the weather forecast image i-e sunny, cloudy or rainy. The information includes: the minimum and maximum temperature of daily and weekly along with each of the upcoming week. Moreover, the user input would also be taken from the same screen of the dashboard.

After the brainstorming session and keeping in view the stakeholders and requirements of the system, it has been decided to select the first idea of the dashboard design for developing the Wireframe. The justification for selecting the first idea over the second idea is the simplicity, easy to use (usability), all the contents are separated by sections to differentiate between the user input as well as the output. Whereas, the second idea would contain all the information on the image, therefore, it might cause to confuse the users.

The conceptual design tools have helped me out to determine the contents of the design along with their placement. The brainstorming sessions, card sort, semantic networks, and cognitive walk-through tools assist me to determine new widgets for the weather forecast system

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