Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Critique Two Research Propsals

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Critique two research propsals.

This logical, sequential review enables the reader to follow the historical progress of this line of investigation. In discussing the study by Jonson-Reid, Fuller reports on the results that are relevant to his own study. This previous study indicated that children who were in care for less than three months before being returned to their families had increased risk of substantiated maltreatment recurrence.

It is clearly stated that the purpose of this research is to “examine the factors that might predict short-term maltreatment recurrence following reunification exits from substitute care.” Fuller does this by combining administrative data with detailed information collected from case record reviews. However, no hypothesis is provided other than an assumption that the Jonson-Reid study was correct in reporting the increased risk to children in short-term care. The purpose of the study is reported, though, as providing an assistive guide to caseworkers’ decision-making at the reunification milestone while making their safety assessment.

The method for this research is described as being a case-control study. It is described as selecting two groups of participants: one group is selected based on their experience of the outcome of interest – in this case maltreatment recurrence within 60 days of reunification – and the comparison group selected who have not experienced the outcome. This type of study was appropriate for the element being researched because it is particularly useful to examine the effects of a given agent in relation to an occurrence, such as maltreatment following reunification. In addition, case-control studies can match cases with controls by such things as age (children under age 5 have been shown to suffer maltreatment recurrence more often than children ages 5-10), family income levels (low income families have shown greater recurrence than

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