Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Criminal Justice System Downloa

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Criminal justice system.

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This paper describes the criminal justice system and its importance. The paper concludes with a brief summary of the main content as well as the perception of the author in respect to the topic. Undeniably, the criminal justice system is a broad area. The following is a discussion of importance of studying criminal justice system as well as the comparison between United States of America’s criminal justice system and the international criminal justice system.

Proper criminal justice system attempts to restore peace and harmony within a given society. Hence, by training people on criminal justice systems, a society or nation prepares itself in experiencing remarkable peace and harmony as the trained personnel carry out their duty in preventing and reducing crimes. This marks the first significance of studying criminal justice system.

Other than equipping people with skills and knowledge, studying criminal justice system enables the learners not only to understand but also appreciate forms of crimes and how they can be reduced or prevented within the society. In addition, studying of criminal justice system provides an opportunity to an individual to understand and appreciate different forms of institutions, public or private, which are actively involved in preventing and reducing crimes. Since criminal law is studied within the criminal justice system, studying the latter informs learners on criminal and other branches of law. Indeed, studying criminal justice system is very vital for ensuring maintenance of law and order with an aim of restoring peace and harmony. United States versus International Criminal Justice Systems United States of America being a western country has different criminal justice system from other international parties especially the non-western countries. USA unlike other international countries has varied goals and conceptions of criminal justice systems. For instance, USA practices the Anglo-Saxon legal culture and system in achieving goals and concepts of criminal justice. Following the culture and system of Anglo-Saxon principles, USA has developed varied legal ideologies in comparison to those of the international arena. In this respect, USA has for a long time through the tradition relied on emphasizing rights of defendants during the trial process as opposed to other international countries such as United Kingdom whose criminal justice system emphasizes on punishing the guilty persons (Reichel, 2007). In addition, America’s processes and procedures in determining the innocence of an individual especially within the court rooms significantly vary from other international countries.

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