Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Creating Apps Software Fall In

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Creating Apps.

Software fall in two categories: system software that include operating systems and all utilities that that enable the computer/electronic device to function .application system that do the real work for us i.e. word processors.BCS is a regulatory body that sets out the professional standards required and governs the conduct of individuals in the field of I.T in Britain. This paper examines the ethical and privacy issues based on the BSC ethical framework involved in the development of apps (an application system). a project that I am going to undertake.

The project that I’m going to undertake will involve designing and developing an app for domestic remote control. In this case I will be involved in the design and development of an app to be stored in a digital device/remote controller that will be used to control the actions of refrigerators/freezers while in the house or even miles away. In the current technological era most refrigerators are controlled manually. Technological inventions in the current generation have improved the quality of life and made life easier and enjoyable. Research is still on to enhance the quality of life even more and each day scientists are coming up with inventions that continue to add quality to life. This project is not an exceptional as I’m going to design an app to be used in form of a remote control device that will enhance the operation of refrigerators. Currently most refrigerators in our houses are operated manually thus inconveniencing persons using them and at times posing risks of electric shock.

The remote controller that I’m going to develop is going to make it easier and convenient for individuals to use refrigerators and get the most out of them. The app will be used to regulate temperature in the fridge digitally. Temperature is an important parameter that in part determines the performance of refrigerators. Since the main purpose of the fridge is to preserve foodstuff, this remote control will be used

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