Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Computer Sciences And Informati

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Computer sciences and Information technology.

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11, 1994). Large companies have so many systems in use within their organizations that range from employee time recording systems, accounting systems, claims systems, manufacturing systems, and sales planning systems just to name a few. If you lay on top of these systems an ERP system such as Oracle or SAP then you have to develop numerous interfaces so that the systems can pass information back and forth. The one point I do not agree with the author is with the statement about generic applications, “When companies buy a generic application, they buy a generic process as well. Both the cost savings and the interoperability benefits make the sacrifice of distinctiveness unavoidable” (Carr, p.44, 2003). Industry specific software is not a one size fits all. I have been involved with ERP implementations and the software out of the book has never given the company exactly what they need. Referring back to the Software’s Chronic Crisis article once again, the author writes “The biggest challenge is to find ways of cutting the ties that inherently bind programs to specific computers and to other programs…a common language that could be used to describe software parts, programs that reshape components to match any environment, and components that have lots of optional features a user can turn on or off” (Gibbs, p. 11, 1994). By creating software components that have optional features that can be turned on and off depending on the business’ processes, IT can then create customized systems to match the needs of the business better. My Response 1 I would disagree with the assertion that the comments made that software and hardware has become inexpensive, software and hardware are still expensive. however, I agree that most firms, small business have access to both hardware and software as are multinationals. I would also disagree that information technology does not provide economic advantage as was in the past. this is incorrect since firms with efficient IT systems achieve efficiency in their operations, reducing operating costs and overheads and would thus have economic advantage on firms with inefficient IT systems or lack of IT systems. With respect to the comment above, I would agree with its author that Carr’s (44) assertion that purchasing of a generic application by a company means the purchase of a generic process, as well. Specific software for specific industries does not necessarily serve different firms in the industry the same way, entirely, and efficiently-it’s not a one size fit all. Over the count/shelf software, as several studies have shown, does not meet the exact needs of the company. Question 1 – Classmate Comment 3 I would say that, based on the article “IT Doesn’t Matter,” the author makes the point very clearly that IT, in fact, does matter quite a bit. He explains how good IT is now an absolutely crucial part of being competitive in business (Carr 46). His point of course is that it has become so ubiquitous that just having good IT no longer automatically produces a business advantage over competitors. IT is now simply one of many “costs of doing business.” It has become a commodity like electricity, transportation or Internet connectivity.

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