Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Compare And Contrast Learning T

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Compare and contrast learning to ride a bike versus learning to drive a car.

Riding a bike may be perceived to be a hard art because of the techniques that an individual requires to maintain balance. Thus, it will require the learner to engage in riding a bike a number of times with failures and success to be able to acquire the skills required. Similarly, learning to drive will require practice in which the learner will have to drive a car with the help of an instructor to be able to get used on how to engage the various components that are related to the moving mechanism of a car.

Remarkably, both learning to ride a bike and drive a car are arts that are perfected through experience. Even after getting the knowledge to ride a bike, it is often likely that an individual will have to keep on engaging in the art to ensure that all the techniques acquired are perfected. It becomes an art because a learner has to know each component of the bike and their operation in certain circumstances while riding. This also applies to learning how to drive a car, which is more of gaining the experience rather than just learning the basics of its mechanism. It also becomes an art because a learner will have to master each of the car’s components and their application during driving.

Both experiences happen once in an individual’s life though a person may decide to engage in lessons that will act as reminders in few cases. Once an individual is well acquitted with the skills necessary to ride a bike, gets experience and perfects the art, it will not be necessary for an individual to get involved in other learning process unless she/he would like to participate in specialized riding skills applicable in sports. Likewise, this applies to learning to drive a car because once a learner has passed the driving test and has been issued with a driving licence, there is no need to further engage in the learning process.

Learning to drive a car differs with learning to ride a bike in

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