Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Case Study Case Study Ethics A

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Case study :Case study- ethics and professional practice course- Living and dying with asbestos.

As one of the official notes, they are more concerned with public information flow rather than the value, safety and life of its employees. Data is fabricated for selfish interests at the expense of the employees, who are suffering from cancer that has resulted from their ignorance on the existence of x-ray radiations in the asbestos.

According to the research that was carried out in 1929-1931 on 126 workers reveals that asbestos hazards were known six years back yet the management did not disclose any material information regarding the dangers of radiation. For instance, Simpson sought to deny workers any early evidence on the hazard through all the means such as hiding the truth, political manipulations and promoted and supported research that worked in his favor. Others misconducts committed in the firm include deliberately failing to report unethical or illegal incidents such failing to put labels on the products and services so that employees are aware and can adequately put up relevant measures to protect, safeguard and stay health while still working.

The Asbestos company are not viewed are moral decisions and deserves blame. A critical analysis reveal the firm is morally irresponsible as it has not undertaken any OHS standards ands measure to safeguard its employees and other stakeholders from risks that may face them in their normal course of operations. For example, the management says that research findings carried out by experts are ‘unfavorable publicity only meant to tarnish the name of the firm. Furthermore, the management refuses to comment of the allegedly missing evidence on the linkage between asbestos and cancer to warrant its further research.

Simpson, the firm president has acted legally but unethical He has acted legal because, as one of the main directors, he has a right to safeguard the interests of the firm. He should take actions that will pursue ‘utilitarianism approaches’ as

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