Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Anthropology Peoples Sothesat A

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Anthropology peoples sothesat asia.

These two opposing clans are in constant conflict. but the advent of slavery will merge the steadfast differences of these two into one similarity: Borneans in Southeast Asia who are duty-bound under the guise of civilization and the economic vitality of slavery. In the end of the eighteenth century, western superpowers, specifically the Spanish, Dutch, and British in Borneo, commenced in subjugating Southeast Asia for the purpose of monopolizing sought after products and raw materials in the developing marketplace in the region and Europe. Borneo, endowed with the gift of a lucrative geographical position, intensified its trading relations with other Southeast Asian countries. This move improved the island’s economy and commercial power. The growth of trade perverted through notching a better market for slave traders and raiders owing to the demand for laborers to accumulate riches and resources. Asian slavery is different from the western slavery structure. Slavery in Asia was of two types: the debt slaves and the bondage slaves. The former type were people who paid large debts through elicited free labor whereas the latter type were captives from raids and wars who were sold to slavery. In the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries, the population of Southeast Asia remained at a very low level hence troubling the region with problems of labor shortage. This reality aggravated the lust for money of the raiders who traded slaves as laborers in a naturally bountiful but populace- deprived environment. Nevertheless, even before the Dutch colonized Borneo it had already been the fortress of slave trade in which slaves were awarded as tributes or trading commodities. Although, it is important to note that western concept of slavery in Asia which is characterized by slaves in chains and those who were frequently chastised and maltreated, is not coherent

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