Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Andy Griffin Show Vs I Love Luf

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Andy Griffin show vs I love Lufy.

Though Andy Griffith Show was telecasted in the 60s, yet the primary intention of this show came out as attracting the audience of the 60s, by presenting a Utopia that appealed to their sense of nostalgia. The highly fictionalized Mayberry in which the show unraveled, no way affiliated to the predominant social and civil concerns of the 60s. Instead, it represented a fancy locale defined by values like honesty, friendship, loyalty, compassion and kindness, totally antithetical to the unrestrained ambition and individualism marking the postwar America. The world of Mayberry happened to be essentially moralistic, where individual aspirations, contradictions, personality quirks and human foibles eventually aspired to approach a benign harmony and acceptance. Thereby, it would not be wrong to say that Andy Griffith Show unfolded amidst a setting that instead of appealing to the salient norms of the America of the 60s, rather presented an idea of America that most of the Americans happened to cherish and miss. It presented a setting that happened to be benign, safe, cozy, soft and predictable. In contrast, I Love Lucy accrued attention by presenting a setting that adhered to the altering social and gender norms of the late 50s. New York City, where the show is set, typically stands out as a modern American metropolitan, a home to social and civil upheavals, fast altering moral norms and a quick paced life. It is not a surprise that if on the one side, I Love Lucy, beats conventional gender expectations, on the other side it presented a more racially diverse character profile. If Andy Griffith Show had a predominantly white, middle class character profile, in I Love Lucy one comes across characters like Ricky Ricardo, who is a Cuban American.

The other interesting thing about these two shows was that their central characters that are Sheriff Andy Taylor and Lucy Ricardo happened to be totally different and disparate. Andy Taylor in Andy Griffith

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