Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Analysis Of Iago This Paper Hig

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Analysis of Iago.

This paper highlights that&nbsp.there could be several motives for Iago to behave the way he does and to destroy Othello. The first of them is the most obvious one, which is the fact that he has been denied in promotion which has been given to Cassio. In the very beginning of the act 1, Iago tells about his hatred to Othello for making Cassio the lieutenant, not him. Iago believes that he does not deserve such an attitude.According to the essay findings&nbsp.the second Iago’s possible motive for his desire to destroy Othello and his behavior in general is the character’s jealousy of the Moor. The matter is that Iago thinks that his wife, Emilia is unfaithful to him and that she has committed adultery with the general.&nbsp.The above-mentioned reasons do give Iago a motive to hate Othello and behave the way he does. However, it is quite difficult to define for certain why he wants to destroy the general due to the fact that these motives are incompatible and numerous. That is to say Iago never formulates a clear reason for hatred. Due to this, it appears that the character has no real motive. In fact, he behaves this way because of his love of evil or even because he is just plain evil himself.&nbsp.That is why he simply uses anger and hatred he experiences towards other characters as an excuse to perpetrate evil deeds.&nbsp.As Iago does not have particular motives, he simply plays with other characters. It seems that he likes destroying other people’s lives and create troubles for him just like some like doing yoga or reading books on a regular basis.

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