Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic American Literature Ii Anal Ysi

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic American Literature II Anal(ysis/Synthesis Project).

This serves as a great guide for novices of American Literature.

This book attempts to give answers to two major questions about realism and naturalism – how naturalism and realism are defined and the relation of literary criticism of the age and the emergence of realism and naturalism. Pizer and Harbert also talk about the famous naturalists like Mark Twain, Frank Norris, Dreiser and James, their differences and commonalities.

Mark Twain: The Complete Interviews is a compilation of interviews of the famous naturalist author about his life’s journey, views, humors, influences and inspirations in relation to his works. Twain’s view on naturalism, his definition of the term and the story behind it is explained

This paper discusses the 19th century American literature in relation to the issues linked to realism and naturalism. It touches on the philosophical definitions of the naturalist and realist movements of the lives of human beings – being human beasts whose lives depend on their instincts and governed by their environment and heredity. It also tackles the relation of realism to naturalism.

Naturalism is a term that describes a brand of literature that applies scientific principles in relation to objectivity and detachment to the study of human beings. Not so similar with realism, naturalism connotes a scientific explanation as a backgrounder in support to the claims. Like with Zola’s phrase, the characters of each human being can be studied according to how they relate to their environment. (Ahnebrink, 1982, p. 75) Realism, on the other hand, focuses on the literary techniques. This depicts that behind the blunt facts of realism, a scientific explanation of naturalists of the characters is provided, based on the how one relates to his/her surroundings.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer” as an example, Twain sees to it that every character in the novel has an explanation to how each one is portrayed to be like. (Twain

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