Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Affective Theory A True Picture

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Affective Theory: A True Picture Of Happiness.

It is evident from the study that according to narrow hedonism, ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain’ are distinct from each other and only pleasure gives happiness to human beings while pain gives unhappiness. Narrow hedonism does not consider the preference or desire of a person in regards to happiness. It considers that pleasures are common to everyone and hence, ignores the desire of a person. However, the pain and pleasure experiences vary according to desires in human beings and hence, narrow hedonism fails to include the wider aspects of happiness. Preference hedonism refuses the idea of narrow hedonism and considers the desire of human being as central to happiness. That is, preference hedonism says that human being is happy when he gets whatever he prefers, even if it means pain. This is because for some people, even pain can be a source of pleasure. So, according to preference hedonism, if pain gives pleasure to some people, then pain can also be a source of happiness. In preference hedonism, the scope of happiness is expanded to include all the different kinds of experiences that the mind desires and prefers over other experiences. This means that if a person prefers something over other, even if that thing gives him pain and discontent, then that thing is pleasurable to him and hence, becomes a source of happiness. Hence, preference hedonism focuses more on desire of a person than on the ‘commonness’ of pleasure as narrow hedonism do.

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