Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic A Computer Science Life Downloa

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic A Computer Science Life.

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I would aim to know the people who are the movers and shakers within the world of computer science and technology and would therefore try my best to be one step ahead of how they shaped up their lives and what they did in essence to reach the respective positions that they are at. This is true that as a computer science major, I would envision success if I am hard working and committed to the cause of knowing more and more with the changing times. This is significant because it would teach me the basics to know about computer science and in essence the varied technological manifestations. My desire would be to reach the top with consummate ease but for that I would leave no stone unturned and read a lot of books, journals and technology-related magazines to stay abreast of the changing trends within computer science and the linked technological areas. In short, I will incorporate the true value of computer science within my life and find out the best that there is, as far as the technological manifestations are concerned. What is even more astounding here is the fact that I would not stop here at all. I would try my utmost to find out about the people who have made it to the top echelons within the technological fields so that my canvas of understanding the computer science major would be bolstered with the passage of time….

I would also endeavor to provide them with a few inventions that would culminate with my hard work and skills which I will put to the best possible test. To the general society, I will always be giving in my very best (Soderdahl, 2011). I would read a lot of computer related journals and technological magazines which would offer me the best step forward. This shall make my task easier in discerning the very basics related with life and its different manifestations. It shall also dictate the way varied progresses would be made within the world of technology through a number of innovations, inventions and the like. I would therefore get to know quite a good amount of information regarding the world of computers and indeed the real world of technology. I believe that technology cannot work in vacuum. This needs to be properly understood in order to mesh quality results at the end. This can be done by incorporating technology within the management frameworks and then asking the management regimes to employ the best possible use of technology so as to reap rich dividends at the end. Technology and management are related – in the sense that both work towards the final goal of satisfying the customers (or the users). Both technology and management contexts aim to look after the organizational well-being and bring in the positives which are strived for, by the employees and the top management alike. Technological domains need to be properly managed in order for them to become adequately sound with the business practices and regimes which are in place, and these must be comprehended by my entirety to gain further understanding (Brummans, 2011).

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