Hi Need To Submit A 7000 Words Essay On The Topic What Are The Health Issues Fac

Hi, need to submit a 7000 words essay on the topic What are the health issues faced by young asylum seekers in the uk and what has the government put in place to improve these issues.

Various research studied conducted in the past have shown asylum seekers and refugees being maltreated by members of host countries, which in turn, may lead to psychological problems. I have conducted a content analysis study-gathering qualitative, quantitative and mixed method studies on the topic, specifically those which involved children, teenagers and adolescents based 0-24 years old. There were 6 qualitative studies, 1 quantitative study, and 1 mixed methodology study were gathered for the review. Social services and mental health services may correctly address the problematic areas that bother UASC while in the UK, one of which is dealing accordingly to language problems by getting translators or having information translated in the children’s native language. Most articles also suggested that clinicians and other institutions dealing with UASC must be aware of risk factors, since they have implications to children’s mental health. Early detection of highly distressed UASC is needed so that interventions could be made right away. Should the government ignore this. the entire community of the host country will also suffer as a result.

Asylum seekers, including children, show elevated levels of distress and psychiatric disorder trait to difficult experiences in particular constant post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) depression, and anxiety (Patel and Hodes 2006).

As a result of the traumatic experiences that these children go through, increases vulnerabilities to psychological disorders ( Papadopoulous et al, 2004). This is because they experience major up heals and long periods of instability once they enter into a foreign country. They might have witnessed killing and torture, sometimes of whom are family members. They are separated from their families, and in addition to this, they might have been subject to brutality themselves.

All these events affect their psychological health and well-being. There is a correlation

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