Hi Need To Submit A 6250 Words Essay On The Topic Internationalisation And Growt

Hi, need to submit a 6250 words essay on the topic Internationalisation and Growth of Family Firm: The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Generation Involvement.

The paper tells that the global community of business introduces a number of situations where different cultures will meet up with each other, and, accordingly, not all of them align in how they interact with each other. This is mainly through cultural issues of differing countries, and also a leader within these companies which has not taken the time to learn how the other side may relate to styles of negotiations. In the past, this was seen more with Western powers trying to move into other countries to expand business on a global level. Failures came when Western leaders bypassed learning about the cultural influences on business in different countries, particularly Asian businesses. As the global playing field levels out where small to medium companies anywhere, can now operate the same way as large companies in creating global deals, family businesses are also making their mark on the playing field. This means a slightly different manner of operating, as these businesses operate within a relationship parameter of loyalty and trust within their own family group, for the most part. Yet, there can be some discord when the Next X group (NxG), within a rigid family structure, and depending on where they stand in the total business infrastructure, proposes new ways of doing something as opposed to what was done before. The older, more traditional leadership, or head of the family, may be slow to implement what is not known to them or to relinquish control as well. Yet, they would be more likely to trust a family member’s judgment rather than someone unknown from the outside.

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