Hi Need To Submit A 5500 Words Essay On The Topic To What Extent Does The Fashio

Hi, need to submit a 5500 words essay on the topic To what extent does the fashion industry take part in unethical behaviour to increase retail sales.

Scholars are therefore concerned on whether these companies meet the expenses that are incurred after robust promotion and advertisement initiatives (Farrell, and Brian 1998, p.589).

Another core issue of concern is the similarities of new clothing fashions in the market. The only differences in most of the clothes that are sold in contemporary market are the label of the company as opposed to the design and quality of the product. In addition, by considering the current global financial conditions, scholars are as well concerned on whether global companies make their expected profit on their sales. Therefore, by referring to the accessible literatures, it is clear that, a good number of clothing industries engages in unethical behaviours to increase their sales and profitability (Cory 2005, p. 79).

Global clothing industries engage in offering misleading information to customers on the quality and durability of their clothing products to increase their sales. By referring to the available rules and regulations as well as ethical standards, it is ethically and legally inappropriate to offer misleading, false, and deceptive information regarding the quality and nature of products to potential customers. In their promotion and advertising initiative, global clothing industries are commonly known for overrating the quality of their products and services with an aim of attracting more customers to purchasing their products.

In addition, based on the available research findings, salespersons in reputable clothing industries exaggerated the prices of their products in order to increase their sales. Under the existing rules and regulations on promotion and advertisement, salesperson and company that provides misleading information should be prosecuted under the court of law (Agresti 2002, p. 91). Some global clothing industries are common known for offering incorrect information regarding their

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