Hi Need To Submit A 5000 Words Essay On The Topic Sustainable Practices In Facil

Hi, need to submit a 5000 words essay on the topic Sustainable Practices in Facilities Management : Carbon Footprints.

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This development increases the implementation of the new techniques and equipments in all the sectors, which lead to increase in the level of pollution and most importantly carbon emission. Meanwhile, it is also true that with the growing level of pollution, several anti-pollution techniques and equipments have also been discovered through the improved technology. It is apparent that global risk is increasing with the transformation in the climate and it requires urgent response otherwise environmental destruction cannot be stopped. This fact has been accepted by several countries worldwide and they made commitments accordingly. Though it has already been discussed regarding the availability of the anti-pollution techniques, implementation of those techniques and equipments in an organization require long term planning in terms of financial, technological, human resource and other aspects. Considering this fact, it has been intended to prepare a report on the requirement of reducing carbon footprint in a construction company, named Building Blocks I LLC, strategy development and implementation process of the total carbon footprint. Moreover, the report will also provide recommendation of adopting the most suitable renewable energy technologies with the proper justification of the selection. Discussion Critical Analysis of the Causes of Generating Carbon Footprint Carbon footprint is the tool of measuring the total greenhouse gas emission that can be directly or indirectly generated from an individual, organization, products or events. The footprint consisted of all six components of Kyoto Protocol Greenhouse gases namely Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs), Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6), Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Per fluorocarbons (PFCs). Carbon footprint can be measured in the tones of ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’, which can be symbolized as (tCO2e). Carbon footprint can be classified into two forms namely organizational and product. Organizational carbon footprint considers all the emissions from the activities across the organization, which includes company vehicles, industrial processes and energy use of buildings. Wherein, emissions across the entire product and service life cycle are considered as the product’s carbon footprint. It engaged manufacturing right, extraction of raw material, its use, final reuse, disposal and eventually recycling (Carbon Trust, 2011). From each and every day-to-day activities of an organization or a household, greenhouse gases can be generated, which have massive contribution in the overall carbon emission. The sources of carbon footprint can be exhibited through a diagram. Source: (Carbon Footprint, 2011).

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