Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Paper On The Topic Work Place Diversity While The

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Work Place Diversity. While the supporters of the concept try to establish the fact that the diversified workforce has a positive impact on the productivity of the organization and therefore directly contributes toward the increased revenue and productivity of the organization, many others do not subscribe to the fact. While the entire industry, both from the functional as well as academia, accepts that workplace, as well as workforce diversity, are the most upcoming concepts that are implementing sea change in the industry, many of the scholar and the managers do not agree that such diversity is always helpful and should be most sought for the organizations. Many of them point out that diversified workforce does not have any specific attribute rather is just a strategy for the multinational corporations and other organizations to comply with the government regulations as well as to comply with the demands of the pressure groups.

The article of Issue 7, ‘Is Diversity in the Workplace a Worthwhile Goal for Corporations?’ is undoubtedly one of the most discussed and debated topics of the present world of today. The article clearly encapsulates the fact that while many of the leaders of the managerial, as well as the academic fraternity, supports the syndrome of the diversified workforce, many others perceive that such diversity does not have any positive impact over the productivity and the profitability of the organization.

The article sums up the viewpoint of Nancy R. Lockwood and Roger Clegg. The belief of Nancy R. Lockwood can be studied from HR Magazine that was published in June of 2005 and Roger Clegg penned down his belief in the National Review Online on 21st January of 2002 with the heading of ‘Diversity Nonsense’.

The recent trade-in in the job market of the United States clearly depicts the change in the structure and trends of the employee force. Even a few years back, as written in Issue 7, the majority of the workforce in the US comprised of the white male who had a family of a non-working wife and child, back at home. But as Robbins points out, today almost 46% of the working population comprises females and at least 25% of the workforce is from the minority groups.

Nancy Lockwood supports such a diversified workforce as she maintains that organizations with such diversity can learn from each other which ultimately contributes towards increased productivity and revenue. The contradictory view to Lockwood as held by Roger Clegg basically says that no organization would have bothered to have a diversified workforce if there would not have such regulations from the governments. According to him, it is just because of the governments and the pressure groups that the organizations have provided due importance over the issue and there is no such productivity and the profitability rise because of the diversity.

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