Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Paper On The Topic Kroger The Kroger Company The K

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Kroger. The Kroger Company The Kroger company specializes in grocery retailing. Barney Kroger formed the above company in 1883 after investing his lifetime savings of about $372. Currently the company owns over two thousand four hundred stores spread in 31 states. In addition, the company is amongst the largest retailers worldwide (Operations).

The main business that the company operates on is the food stores. It accounts for more than 94% in number of the total sales that the company makes each year. The rest of the 6% is the number of sales that the company makes on jewelry stores, convenience store, and the manufacturing facilities. The exact number and details pertaining the businesses discussed above is as follows:

(i) The company owns two thousand six hundred and forty one grocery retail stores all across 34 states in America. The stores are in formats that include multi-department stores supermarkets, supercenters and price-impact warehouses. All these stores contain all national brands and other merchandise (Operations).

(ii) The convenience stores are 786 in number. The stores are in 6 banners distributed around 19 states.

(iii) 325 jewelry stores under different names majorly Littman jewelers and Fred Meyer jewelers.

(iv) It operates 38 manufacturing plants that process food substances. This forms one the largest string of private manufacturers in the country. The companys private products manufacturing plants are thirty-seven in number operating in seventeen states (Operations).

(v) It operates one thousand two hundred and eighteen supermarket fuel centers.

(vi) There are 2106 pharmacies all distributed around the country.

The company practices sustainability measures to ensure that it keeps up with the environmental standards. In addition, the operations conserve energy usage in all the sectors. Such measures have reduced energy usage in the retails distributed throughout the country (2013 Sustainability report).

For the company to sustain a quick and steady growth it needs to follow the following measurers. It needs to improve the execution of the company infrastructure. A good infrastructure would maintain the management of a large company with distributions throughout the country. To achieve this form of infrastructure network, the firm should do away with departmental silos, using performance drivers that conform with the strategy at hand, and finally grooming leaders at all levels in the different outlets. Having well trained leaders facilitates good management in the whole company. For a firm with several branches such as this, it is advantageous to have leaders heading for the same goal to facilitate good growth (THREE STRATEGIES FOR ACHIEVING AND SUSTAINING GROWTH ).

The second stage is identifying and implementing strategies that would be fruitful to the growth of the firm. To implement this, the first things is to concentrate in the core business. The main business in question is the grocery retail stores distributed all round the country. This includes the managers, customers, infrastructure and anything else that involves the main business. The next step is sub-segmenting the customers and improving the opportunities for the growth of other adjacent ideas. The leaders could identify the best ideas that would help the company expand and sustain the desired growth (THREE STRATEGIES FOR ACHIEVING AND SUSTAINING GROWTH ).

In sustaining a steady growth, leadership is a core factor. It is these people at different levels that influence the employee attitude towards their work. With good and able leaders, the company could form a management network that outlines the direction of the company. Kroger company would benefit from the above mentioned operation changes.

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