Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Paper On The Topic Information System Of Operation

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Information system of operational management. A Written Proposal for Infomeneja Information System “Infomeneja” is an integrated information system whose is derived from native languages basically meaning information management. The system is meant to assist the operations of Patsha Company, a production related industry mandated to publish of newsletters, newspapers and books. For that matter, “infomeneja” IS becomes a very crucial product for the company since is intended to help in collection, management, store and disseminate information within the organization and even with the environment. The main beneficiaries of the system would be mostly their target customers who include Learning institutions, individuals, other companies and the government.

To be successful, the company intendeds to use the system along side with other means to reach out to the customers. This entails the development of a marketing plan which will aid in this.

Products and/or Services- the company specializes in youth empowerment articles and books, a very unique area of publishing which has not been fully exploited.

Pricing Strategy-the pricing of Patsha products will be reasonable due to the intended customers and possibly ranging from $10 to $200 per product.

Sales and Distribution Plan- sale and distribution of the products will be majorly website, particularly infomeneja and mails.

Advertising and Promotions Plan- the best advertising and promotion strategy to be undertaken by Patsha will be based on media and particularly television stations and websites.

Proposed network design

Patsha Company

Suppliers Customers


Patsha network design presents the connectivity within and outside the company to enhance information flow. Intranet design presents internal dissemination of information and technical resources while extranet gives an overview of information exchange with external world. Infomeneja IS helps in facilitating implementation of all these designs.

Information systems and applications

Infomeneja IS presents the whole idea of systems but within it sits other sub-system which helps to perform Patsha Operations. These may include. Teleconferencing and mailing system application which help in communication within and outside the company. Sales monitoring and analysis system is another example whose help is to assist in overseeing the sale of published materials and ensure profit realization. An inventory control system will best feature in this to help in stock management. For better management and decision making a decision support system will be embedded to help both middle and top level management.

Patsha would like to partner with Vodafone to enhance its operations such as advertisement and sales and also rely on them for necessary software and hardware delivery.

Local office architectural layout

Information systems Security

Infomeneja security is one of the major issues of consideration by the Patsha Company to ensure information reliability. A control has to be drafted in regard to the systems security upon the development stages. This control includes aspects such as authentication, authorization, confidentiality and availability of the system resources. These will help to beef up security measures. Authentication should state clearly the identity verification in case of access and in this, infomeneja will implement some authentication principles such as password management, multifactor authentication and biometrics. This will have a direct effect to some other controls strategy such as confidentiality of system resources.

Patsha Company would be able to enforce certain software and hardware on the infomeneja system to render it secure. Such include.

Firewall – this would acts as a sieve for the incoming and outgoing network traffic allowing access to only legitimate traffic.

Antivirus software- which will do away with any malicious software that intend to intrude to the system. Examples of such software include Kaspersky antivirus, Norton among others.


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Callaghan, J.

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