Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Paper On The Topic Food Mart Foodmart When A Contr

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Food mart. Foodmart When a contract is agreed upon by two parties, each party is obliged to follow the terms and conditions that entail that contract. The advantage for a business owner who uses online contracts is that it is faster and effective than traditional forms of contracts. On the other hand, customers also prefer to shop online because of the convenience that is offers. However, because online shopping is still relatively new, there are contractual issues that may need to be sorted out between the buying and selling parties.

In the Foodmart case, Todd made the decision to buy chocolate sauce online so that he could sell his cakes. Because the order quantity that he desired was not available at the closest store possible, Foodmart cannot be considered to have ripped Todd off by not having the correct amount of chocolate sauce on stock. Todd may not have been aware at the time, but Todd entered into a contract with Foodmart that contained several terms and conditions. This is not a special case. every customer who purchases items online need to be aware of all the fine details of the contract that they are entering into. For Foodmart’s online order contract, the customer cannot purchase items that were advertised for cheaper in print. In addition to this stipulation, the online sales contract states that orders placed online can only receive inventory that is available from the closest store in terms of location. Thus, Foodmart cannot be held accountable as they laid out all the terms and conditions in their online contract. If the customer chooses not to take notice of this, then it is solely the customer’s responsibility and the company at hand cannot be held responsible. If the company chooses to reimburse Todd then that is their choice, but they have no legal obligation to do so. It may be to the company’s benefit to reimburse him once because he may prove to be a long-term customer. The benefits in this case may outweigh the negatives so it may be best to give Todd the benefit of the doubt this time only. If he is in a similar situation again, then Foodmart should advise him that there is nothing that they can do for him.

Foodmart should try to avoid such a situation in the future by making its customers aware of the terms and conditions of any contract. This would avoid legal issues down the road and it would give assurances to a customer that everything will be done through legal means. Foodmart could make it easier for customers by writing its terms and conditions in simple and easy to understand words so that there is no confusion. Before a customer places an order, a guarantee would have to be given that the customer is fully aware of all the terms and conditions of Foodmart. Online contracts can be a source of frustration for both a company and its customers because they are very difficult to enforce. Since there is no physical agreement taking place, it may be said that a contract is invalid because they were no witnesses or guarantees at the time of the purchase.

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