Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Paper On The Topic Editing Of A Film Editing Of A

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Editing of a Film. EDITING OF A FILM Introduction Film Editing is a task which is part of the process that occurs in the Post-Production stage. It involves a lot of processing to combine various types of shots and to produce it as single movie.The scenes that are recorded earlier will be in huge numbers .All those are united to complete the picture according to the story. This film editing is in fact a kind of story telling too. The Story of the film is maintained or conveyed to the viewers exactly as imagined by the director by proper editing. When editing is improper then the whole work will get spoiled which nobody will be interested to do so.

Terminologies Applied

To ensure flawless editing the technicians behind it use different terminologies. Even plenty of extra effects use to take place which we usually see it in the film visually like animations, Graphics etc. (Orpen, 2003).Works of these types also gets included in the film editing. Some important terminologies are Cut, Continuity, Cross cutting, Dissolve, Editing,

Errors of Continuity, Establishing shot, Eye line match, Fade, Final cut, Iris, Jump Cut, Match cut, Montage, Rough cut, Sequence shot, Shot reverse etc.

All the terminologies mentioned above are meant to make the film a big success and that depends upon the way the terminologies are used. Accuracy plays the vital role with the editors who work on these terminologies to edit the movie.

For instance, when considering the terminology Cross-cut, it actually does the intercutting of shots from two or more scenes. Then the fragments of each scene will be presented to the viewer’s attention alternately. This is in fact meant for parallel action. This option is very much useful to the editors to play between the scenes and edit them in whatever way they wish.

At the same time when we consider the terminology called rough cut the editor assembles the film from some selected takes only leaving some specific points alone roughly and arrives at the fair one at the later stage. So in this process the editors try to bring the original script somehow to a minimal percentage and apply all the other editing terminologies to complete the expected movie according to the original script. (Orpen, 2003). After this rough cut concept the editors may apply the other terminologies like cut, cross cut, dissolve etc. This may be customized according to the editors and each one possess their own way of working, but at last the ultimate goal is to present the film to the viewers in a proper manner.(Davis, 2003). All the terminologies might not be used for a film, but the required ones alone to present it successfully before the public.

Initially editing was done using a single system that helped the editor to cut the scenes that were not required. Editing as a whole has gone through various phases of improvement. Today editing is performed with the help of digital systems that has automated the process of editing. The editor specifies the scenes that he does not require and the system cuts and combines the remaining scenes to give a complete picture. This has reduced the burden of the editor and allows them to perform the task within a short period of time. Hence editing has improved with the advancement of technology.

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