Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Paper On The Topic Composing An Eeffective And Org

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Composing an Eeffective and Organized Personal Resume. Personal Resume Personal Resume A personal resume is a written document that displays one’s achievements and areas of expertise when looking for employment. Usually this is where one gets to blow their own horn about what it is they have done or gotten done over the years. However, one must ensure that they do not overdo it. The resume would be also a way for the would-be employer to know the kind of person they might be dealing with (McDowell, 2011). This is important since the task that may be accorded to someone in the event they do qualify for the position, may be very crucial in the running of the organization.

In a resume, the important and intricate details must be clear and concise. Since many people are writing applying for the same job, it is crucial that the employer’s interest is kept in mind. A mini-novel for a resume simply does not cut it (Jaquish, 1968). Giving the intended audience all the information required would be appreciated since they may get to know more. The provision of some additional personal information would be of importance to the employer and interviewing panel. This is to ensure that the employer gets to see what the person being hired is qualified to do (Krueger, 2008). Also, it is important to let the would-be employer know of one’s areas of expertise. This does not just mean education wise. Honesty in a resume is the most important factor. It should be honest to ensure that the would-be employer does not get the wrong information. This could be very bad in the future. Below is an example of a resume.


My name is Jennifer Lowell. I live in Yulee Florida, P.O Box 1138. My cell phone number is 904-233-9603. I am writing in regard to the advertisement posted in the daily paper for the job position offered by your organization. I am qualified to handle such a position due to the relevant qualifications I have in the area. What I want to do in the organization, if given the chance, would be to become the executive manager in charge of the daily running of the marketing sector. I have, over the years, acquired many skills. I graduated from Sandalwood high school in the year 1992. I went on to Florida State Community college. Here I graduated in 1996 with an associate’s degree in Business management. Currently, I am working on getting a bachelor’s degree in business management at Everest University. I believe that I can make it in such a position because I believe I am an effective team leader. I believe in making all things possible. Moreover, I do not quit even in the face of pressure and opposition. In school, I used to be the captain of my track team. I used to encourage them and give them motivation to strive and be the best in every situation and circumstance. I am a good listener and people therefore, find it very easy to talk to me. Handling phone devices is not a problem for me. I have dealt in handheld devices for long, and the experience is great. I am also very good behind the computer. Some of the computer applications I am very good at are Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, and Microsoft power point. I have no related work experience but I know I can make it through. References are available to you if so needed or upon your request.


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