Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Written 6 T S Increase In Intak

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Written 6.

t’s increase in intake of drugs such as aspirin, vitamin C deficiency takes place and vitamin K, iron and calcium even depletes due to consumption of antibiotics. Exercise is even a very important aspect of an aging body. As human beings grow older, they lose their ability to indulge in sporting activities, walking even becomes very difficult for them. They even experience pain while conducting easy exercise and wrong twists leads to severe joint pain. An adult’s perception plays a major role in helping or discouraging the adult from opting for exercises. The negative perception of walling down and breaking bones pulls back the adult from conducting any exercises. If an aging body continues consuming drugs such as cigarettes, the probability of that aging body experiencing more health problems increases. Alcohol consumption can be beneficial for an aging body but the consumption should be very restricted. Restricted amount of consumption of beer and wine is beneficial for an individual’s heart.

Self theories state that an individual at any time period and in adulthood tries to be the way they think they are. This means that individuals have a certain perception about themselves and they act and think in accordance to their perception. Their choices, problem solving methods and their activities are all aligned with the perception they have about themselves. Self theories state that individuals have to deal with illnesses and challenges on their own as they grow older and they have no one to help other than themselves to solve their problems and difficulties. Identity theory suggests that individual’s experiences change throughout their lives, they face challenges in their everyday life and these experiences and challenges make them reassess their identities (Cavanaugh, 2009, p.353). In adulthood, people experience problem in creating a self concept or their self concept is not what they think of themselves. This happens due to the physical and cognitive

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