Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Write A Expressing An Opinion A

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Write a expressing an opinion about an educational issue of your choice. Refering to two readings: I just wanna be average, by Mike Rose and The Seven-Les.

Children need and deserve plenty of time with their family, so that they can help each other out when they need. Family cohesiveness is the most meaningful benefit of the experience. Parents know and understand their children, and are influential in their lives, even as they enter the teen years. Family is the main engine of education. “A family trained to snitch on each other isnt likely to be able to conceal any dangerous secrets. I assign a type of extended schooling called “homework”, too, so that the surveillance travels into private households, where students might otherwise use free time to learn something unauthorized from a father or mother, or by apprenticing to some wise person in the neighborhood.” (Gatto, 1992)

Schooling permits premature parent-child separation, and it does not avoid inappropriate pressure on children. Rose articulated “School can be a tremendously disori­enting place. No matter how bad the school, youre going to encounter notions that dont fit with the assumptions and beliefs that you grew up with – maybe youll hear these dissonant notions from teachers, maybe from the other students, and maybe youll read them.” (Rose)

It is because children spend most of their time at school. therefore, schooling does not create and maintain positive family relationships. Schooling is not good for children because the structure of school assumes that children are not natural learners, but must be forced to learn through the efforts of others. Natural learners do not need such a structure. Schooling is one of the attempts that does not follow the principle of natural learning, and does not help children retain the curiosity, interest, and love of learning that every child has at birth. Home schooling, unlike schools, is where children learn at home rather than going to schools. It is created specifically to meet the special requirements of educating

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