Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic What I Lern From Class Mentally

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic What i lern from class.

Mentally, the sport has made me alert. I always used to be lazy but I found that to play well one must have one-pointed concentration. There has to be hand-eye coordination which demands concentration on what you are doing. Thus it has improved my concentration power. Another thing I realized is that since the total concentration is on the game, the mind is not free to think or worry. Perhaps this is the reason that one feels relaxed after playing the game, as during the period one is engaged in the game, the mind is free of anxieties.

Concentration on the game being played has another advantage. The mind has no time to think whether I will win or lose. One just plays. This means the work is done without thinking of the results. If the mind if diverted even for a second, we can make a mistake in striking, thereby spoiling the game.

The game has also helped me gain confidence in talking and interacting with others. I used to be very shy but since I have started taking lessons, we have to mix with others and play together. This game promotes interpersonal relations and it has helped me develop confidence in my abilities. I did not know that I possess certain abilities such as the ability to get along with others.

Now, I look forward to playing Table Tennis as it is a great leisure activity. However, it demands stamina, strength and one has to be agile. To undertake even the training lessons, one needs strength because the different strokes that one has to play is like a workout where all the limbs receive full exercise.

Another major advantage with Table Tennis is that it is an indoor game and one can play whenever one wants. It is not dependent on the weather and all it requires is just another partner. In fact, to train and learn, one can even play alone.

I have been so motivated by the numerous benefits of the game and fascinated by the game itself

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