Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic What Health And Wellness Means

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic What health and wellness means to you.

In a personal context I believe health and wellness are primarily about achieving a broad based and holistic sense of balance dependent on nurturing and taking care of the varied facets of my life, are they physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial, or intellectual that blend together to endow the human life with happiness and peace.

Yes I agree that keeping the body free of disease by avoiding unhealthy habits, exercising regularly and eating the right diet are essential to my innate sense of wellness. Yet, this is not the be all and end all of my sense of wellness. For me, staying healthy is about continually striving to strike the right balance between my career and academic pursuits, my commitment to my family and the society, in which I live, my spiritual life and the intellectual aspirations I tend to have. In fact for me all these aspects of my life are closely intertwined and linked to each other, and a deterioration or neglect even in one of them directly translates into negatively impacting the other aspects of my health and wellness. For instance my career pursuits endow me with a sense of security and confidence, and any deterioration in them not only shakes my confidence in my ability to lead a successful and secure life, but also gives way to mental anxiety and stress that may make me eat unhealthy, have sleepless nights, avoid my family and friends, and not able to concentrate on the spiritual side of my personality. Similarly, my association with my family and the society in which I live endows me with a sense of identity and acceptance (Cattan & Tilford, 2011). If for some reason, say too much involvement in my career pursuits, I start ignoring my family beyond what is acceptable and normal, I will eventually become victim of a sense of isolation and mental anxiety, irrespective of the progress I may be excelling in the career aspects of my life. This may also make me develop physical and mental maladies like high

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