Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Week 5 Response Papers Taking T

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Week 5 response papers.

Taking this into account, it would not be logical to ask the developing countries to bear an equal burden in solving a problem that has hugely been caused by their developed counterparts. By making their positions clear, the developing countries are in no way trying to manufacture their way to development status.

Regarding voluntary governance, I strongly agree with the student. Citizens across the world are learning how important the environmental conservation and sustainability is and will definitely opt for products that are produced by self governing organization (Soederbaum, 2008). However, this move may be hampered if cost is a major issue as poor people will prefer to buy cheaper products even if their producers did not care about the environment. Considering the above fact, compulsory governance of the environment is appropriate as its effects equally far reaching considering that organizations will prefer to do the right thing than to face the law and have heft fines imposed upon them for non-compliance.

While my view regarding the application of similar emission standards to developing and developed counties does not tally with the student, it is held that both types of countries contribute harmful emissions in the environment. The student has effectively introduced the notion that various alternatives can be applied in resolving the dilemma. Jia’s (2009) suggestion that the deployment of clean technology be used as a measure seems realistic and is worth consideration in my view considering that developing countries will be more motivated to embrace new technologies as opposed to paying when forced to incur high costs associated with the popular suggestion of introducing caps.

It is common knowledge that acts done voluntarily often draw a lot of attention and reaction. Voluntary sustainability actions, in agreement with the student, can have far reaching effects as stakeholders such as consumers are given the opportunity to

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