Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Vignette Response For Post Grad

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Vignette Response for Post Graduate Admission.

Secondly this paper will address how I would handle the request of Leader Y, with specific references to the reasons behind my decision and ethical issues involved.

With any addiction it is promising to know that the individual suffering from the affliction has first identified that he has a problem. According to the protocols laid out by Alcoholics Anonymous (2010) it is the case that Leader X has already admitted that he is powerless over his addiction, he already admits that there is a power greater than himself and made a decision to turn his will over to the care of God. From this perspective he is already well on his way to recovery. In regards to how I would help council his addiction I would use the program outline as utilized by Helpguide (2010) which gave three strong recommendations to improving an unhealthy behavior. Firstly I would in total confidentiality discuss with Leader X any potential underlying problems that support his pornography addiction. Some examples of this would be depression, stress, problems at home, any co-addictions such as alcohol abuse. Then, it is upon this foundation that I would help council Leader X on his coping skills, insofar as I would suggest that viewing pornography is going to make him feel worse rather than better and perhaps there are more healthy ways to blow off some steam. Lastly I would encourage Leader X to strengthen his support network, encourage him to try new activities with existing friends, build new bonds, set aside special activity times. In terms of any Ethical implications, that depends on the severity of his problem. Obviously if his pornography addiction is so severe my expertise may be unable to assist him, in this circumstance I would recommend he discuss this matter with somebody more sited to help him with his specific needs. A second ethical issue would be that viewing pornography can be

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