Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Types Of Teamstheory Applicatio

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Types of TeamsTheory Application.

Rigid procedures may not work well with all clients and hence the need for self-managing teams in the restaurant. On the other hand, such teams improve efficiency, value, savings and employee satisfaction as well as minimal absence and worker turnover (Tjosvold & Smith, 2003).

A grocery store requires a manager-led team whereby the owner of the store acts as the leader of the team and assumes responsibility for identifying the goals, activities as well as operation of the team. The leader needs to assign tasks to the team, for example depending on the number of products being dealt with. They should report to the leader matters concerning shortage of supply, customer preferences, and the movement of products to help the manager to make decisions regarding the next course of action, which may include additional stock or changing the product to suit the consumers. This kind of team provides substantial control of the leader over the team members as well as their activities. He/she controls the guiding principles as well as the outcome of the team’s tasks. This is important in a grocery store because any mistake translates in to losses for the business and the owner can not allow the recurrence of one mistake time and again, especially due to the fact that a grocery business may not have significant start-up capital (Baumeister & Vohs, 2004).

A school may accomplish its organizational goals through establishing self-directing or self-governing teams. Teams are allowed to establish their own objectives as well as the strategies for accomplishing these objectives. The school’s management is left with the responsibility of enhancing the organizational environment of the team. Education requires creativity and commitment, which are accomplished through self-directing teams. Such teams also enhance motivation and offer openings for organizational learning and change especially when dealing with

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