Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Thirteen Days The Author Writes

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Thirteen Days,.

The author writes about the way the President handled the situation quite successfully despite the very problematic situation.

The ExComm held meetings to discuss the situation of the placing of the missiles in Cuba by the Russians to have some sort of an upper hand over the Americans. Some of the advisors suggested blockading the island as a whole till the threat of the missiles was under control, to use the navy instead of the military. Then there were the others, more impulsive ones who suggested taking military action against Cuba. It was up to the President to decide on which side to pick and he very intelligently decided to choose the former option. He realized that violence would never be the solution for anything, an attack would only lead to the Russians to respond back and the probability of the impending third world war would no longer remain a probability, but would turn into a fact.

During the period of thirteen days, a Soviet missile shot down a U-2. This could have led to Kennedy ordering an immediate reaction, most probably a violent one, and this retaliation would not be wrong. But the President kept his cool and decided to look into the negotiations.

President John F. Kennedy decided to follow another very well thought out advice. He gave orders for a letter to be sent as a reply to the then USSR leader in which he wrote his acceptance of the terms that were sent by Nikita S. Khrushchev a day earlier. He agreed to not attack Cuba if the Russians would remove their missiles from the island. It was a negotiation meant to keep the situation non-violent. However, the letter had no response to another of the terms which was sent a day after. It stated that the United States of America should remove their Jupiter missiles from Turkey. The agreement to the second term was not penned down on paper to have no written proof, but, rather, a spoken pledge was made, which said that the US agreed to withdraw the Jupiter missiles on

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