Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Watch The Following Video At

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on watch the following video at: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=zmlzp1vcano discuss your observations of the mans abilities in the video 2. also, go to: http://nobelprize.org/educational_games/medicine/split-brain/index.html perform the activity and dis Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! THE SPLIT BRAIN PATIENTS. The brain is an amazing organ that keeps on working since the day a human is born till the day he dies. The brain is responsible for keeping a balance between the five senses and mainytain coordination and communication between the organs and the various systems. There are two halves or hemispheres distinct in their function, in the brain. They are the left and the right halves, and in all normal human beings, they are connected by a dense accumulation of nerves called the Corpus Callosum. In late 1800s two neurobiologists Paul Broca and Carl Wernicke found that in patients with epilepsy of the brain the two hemispheres are not connected and hence there is observable difference in the motor and cognitive abilities of these and normal human.

As shown in the video a split brain patient finds it pretty easy to do simple mathematical calculations but there is a hurdle in recognition of the images and objects and sort of a conflict between his left and right sides (Neuroslicer, n.p.). When his left hand picks up something, the right hand for no reason takes it away. This phenomenon is usually known as the Alien

Hand and many patients with the split brain condition suffer from it. The sufferer does not know what this so called alien hand can be doing unless the action is being performed as the said hand is not under voluntary control of the body.

In a game available on the internet by the name of Split Game Experiment game, a series of experiments of Mr. Split Brainy by two researchers in the Spit Brain Institute helps knowing the physiology and details of the condition very well (“The Split Brain Experiments”, n.p.).

Mr.Split Brainy is take for examination and shown slides consisting of figures , simple calculations and faces , separately, once for his right brain and the next time for his left brain

In the first set of experiments, his right brain recognizes simple mathematical calculations and simple words and sentences but is unable to recognize faces whereas with the left brain it is the other way around, he does not recognize any words or calculations but recognizes the face.

In the second set of experiments, he is shown the same slides and told to pick the objects corresponding to the slides. His right brain correctly identifies numbers and words and he picks up the corresponding object, just when shown a known face, he does not recognize it. Surprisingly, shown the same set of words and mathematical calculations to the left brain he does not recognize or solve them, but when shown pictures of objects, he is not able to pick up the corresponding objects although his brain correctly identifies them.

This difference in the coordination and recognition ability between the two hemispheres of the brain leads to alien behavior in patients with split- brain conditions. In such patients, left brain always takes over the right brain and the functions of the brain are hampered.

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