Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Religion Paper Must Be At Lea

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on religion Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The most unique aspects of Jesus’ mission and identity and its impact on Christians The most outstanding aspect in the mission of Jesus Christ is the fact that He was God by nature but He took the form of man when he came down to earth to redeem mankind. He was part of the part of the Holy Trinity which is composed of God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. He was thus 100% God and 100% which is a very unique attribute that makes Him stand out from the rest the founders of other religions. His sole mission which was to reconnect man to his creator could not have been attained if Jesus could have not taken this form (Frei, 34-36).

As a result, he was able to perform miracles that proved that he was a supernatural being as the miracles work against the natural laws of science and human beliefs. Such include walking on water which violated the law of floatation, calming the storm which confirmed that he had power over nature, healing the sick which proved his abilities beyond those of man and multiplication of two fish and five loaves of bread which proved that matter can indeed be created. At the same time, being man, he felt pain, hunger and rejection from his close associates which makes it easy for Christians to identify closely with him knowing that he understands their afflictions very well since he personally went through them. The identity of Jesus as God makes Christians to be aware that the one whom they are following and believed in, has power over everything and they only need to strengthen their faith in him so as to experience him in their lives.

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Frei, H. W. The identity of Jesus Christ: The hermeneutical bases of dogmatic theology. Eugene, Ore: Wipf and Stock. 1997.

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