Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Provide A Comprehensive Repor

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on provide a comprehensive report that will descried the development of design from appraisal to completion and illustrate the proposed development scheme Paper must be at least 3500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Architecture is generally conceived and then it is designed, realized and finally built in response to the conditions that are there and could not be ignored (Ching, 2007). A design is the most effected by conditions they can be economical, social, political or environmental, a solution is to be provided to solve problems. The process is thus very important to follow as in to get out of conditions effectively without causing any lost that can be physical or economical. According to Ching (2007) the art is to solve problems before occurring. Architecture or the experience of built environment is part of everyday life for most people. According to Conway &Roenisch (2005) buildings are the background to our lives, most of us do not look at them critically and do not notice there details, unless there is a need to make one of our own in particular. An architectural design is different in forms. it may be a house, garden, outlet or an office. Considerations are different as per requirements. same is the case with the budge and the team management. So initially it is important to understand what a design is, what may be the requirements, what is expected from the client and how to deal with the situations.

Once a construction is set to be made preparation begins, who is going to built it, who builds better, what it would cost, how much time would it take, what the result would be and finally will it be the same as thought or predicted. A construction company is responsible to plan, regulate, design, manufacture, fabricate, erect and maintain a building or a structure (Chappell & Willis 2010). A project can be small or big thus the cost depends on the scale varying from thousand to millions of pounds. The complexity and organization vary on the execution of the project.

The first step towards any construction is to plan, plan what and how to present the customer. The client is the most important member of the construction team.

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