Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Nursing Paper Must Be At Leas

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on nursing Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! I agree with the student on this issue since the code of ethics for nurses who are registered forms the foundation for ethical nursing practices. It gives a platform for self-evaluation and a basis from which nurses can call for sound work environments that sustain the delivery of competent, compassionate, ethical, and safe care (Guido, 2006).

I consent with student J that nursing values and responsibilities ethically, require nurses to be answerable for their practice and account for their actions. Nurses are also expected to preserve dignity by recognizing and respecting the inherent worth of every person. They are expected to respect and promote informed decision-making by recognizing, respecting, and promoting an individual’s right to be informed and make the decision. Another value that a nurse is expected to portray is the promotion of health and well-being by working with people so as to facilitate their attainment of the highest possible level of well-being and health (American Nurses Association, 2009).

Nurses are in a setting of access to health information of individuals. It is expected of them to maintain confidentiality and privacy by safeguarding the community, family, and individual information obtained within the professional relationship context. I am of the same opinion with student J that nurses are expected to also provide competent, safe, compassionate, and ethical care. Lastly, nurses ought to uphold justice principles by safeguarding equity and fairness, human rights, and by the promotion of public good (Guido, 2006).

In view of the above highlighted ethical responsibilities, I concur with student J that nurses have an enormous responsibility in delivering nursing care to patients safely and without prejudice or passing judgment. Nurses are also confronted with ethical dilemmas. in the case of Ruth, she declines her nursing duties to a homosexual AIDs patient, since according to her beliefs, homosexuality is sin and AIDs is a resulting punishment for homosexual activities.

The patient desperately needs nursing care that would facilitate his well-being and health, yet the best-suited nurse would not provide the required services due to her religious beliefs.&nbsp.

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