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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on introduction and conclusion section for report Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION SECTION FOR REPORT Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Conclusion 3 Introduction Mr. Simple is an Australia based company headquartered at Melbourne. It is engaged in the business of manufacturing garments which are primarily meant for daily wears. It produces garments for primarily for male population. Its products are already in sell in different countries of the world apart from Australia like New Zealand and Vietnam. It also has its presence online and its stock of products can be discovered through its website. The company is thinking of expanding its business and looking to export its products to South Africa. This study entails about performing a feasibility analysis and the different marketing strategies that are needed to be employed by Mr. Simple to launch its products successfully in the South African market. The primary goal or objectives of the company are to increase its revenue generation through opening up of different retail garment stores in various feasible locations of South Africa. Various market entry modes that can be employed in case of entering the South African market and how it can be beneficial for the company have been discussed in this study. Identification of the target market in South Africa is also important and has been included in this study. The marketing mix strategy involving the appropriate products, places, prices and promotional strategies to be employed by the company has also been discussed in this study. The primary competitors of Mr. Simple Company have also been identified and the corresponding competitor analysis has been performed in this study.


Mr. Simple Company has been successfully running its business in Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam. Its decision to expand its business in the South African market does not promise to be a good prospect for the company to help it increase its international presence and enhance its profitability in a significant manner. The primary objectives of the company are to increase brand awareness amongst the South Africans, increase its revenue and open up three retail garment stores in different parts of South Africa. The target customers have been identified to be males in the age group of 15 to 35 years. Fashionable and casual garment products would be offered to the targeted customers in South Africa. The market trend analysis performed in this study indicates that the youths in South Africa are attracted towards various clothing brands and with proper brand awareness the company can be successful in increasing its brand loyalty amongst the youth generation of the country. Various strategies that are needed to be taken up by Mr. Simple to make an entry into the South African market have been discussed in this study. The company would try to employ a competitive pricing strategy to launch its products in the South African and various promotional activities using internet and newspapers as a medium to advertise its products can prove to be beneficial for the company. The competitor analysis performed in this study indicates that the main competitor of the company is Markham along with different other potential competitors like Romens, Fabiani, Rockport, etc. Thus the marketing feasibility study performed in this paper indicates that launching of the products of Mr. Simple in South Africa is not viable because the high tariff rate coupled with low income average of the South African population narrows down the target market of the company and it would not be that profitable for Mr. Simple.

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