Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Discussion 707 5 Paper Must B

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on discussion 707 5 Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Discussion 707 5 Discussion 707 5 The group of DNP needs to follow specific steps in the process of evaluating and implementing the project related to the means of increasing medication and dietary compliance of clients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (DM). First, they need to establish the goals that they want to achieve. For instance, the number of patients targeted. Secondly, they should identify resources necessary to accomplish the project. Thirdly, they need to prioritize the tasks and the goals and create timelines. Fourthly, the group needs to establish evaluation methods and identify alternative courses of action. Through inter-professional collaboration, the group can allocate duties among themselves and establish vital contacts with other medical planning professional (Kaur, Roberton & Glasgow, 2013). They can also embrace technology in conducting cost analysis, compiling statistics, scheduling of project activities and the delivery of educational knowledge to patients.

The measurable outcome of this project is the number of patients presenting any complication related to diabetes mellitus. The outcome is suitable as it is easily measurable, and it correlates with the impact of the individualized educational session.

The data points that the clinicians may use is blood sugar level in a patient and the rate of compliance with the medication. The blood sugar level is an appropriate data point as it depicts the chances of contracting diabetes. The frequency of compliance with medication also determines the possibility of attracting diabetes. Alternatively, the frequency of compliance to the recommended dietary specification also can serve as a data point.

The group can use gender and age as the specific client demographic data points. Gender data point can depict how the correspondence between heath education varies with sex of an individual (Ford, 2010). Age data point shows how different individuals with different age groups respond to the education provided by the health professionals.


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Kaur, B., Roberton, D., & Glasgow, N. (2013). Evidence-based medical workforce planning and education: the MSOD project.&nbsp.The Medical Journal of Australia,&nbsp.198(10), 518-519. Doi:10.5694/mja13.

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