Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Debates In Contemporary Healt

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on debates in contemporary health in the uk Paper must be at least 2750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The issue of public health in contemporary Britain is a misnomer. Britain is now healthier than ever before as life expectancy has increased and some of the life-threatening killer diseases has taken a retreat due to the public health and advances in treatment. But, at the same time, the problem of health inequalities remains an issue in the midst of the observation that the general health of the population is improving. This is due to the reason that the health of the least and the less well offs either improve very slowly than the rest of the population or in some cases goes quite worst leading to the problem of health inequality. This issue is challenging for physicians and caregivers. It also suggests the fact though the UKNHS policies and interventions really strive to reach each and every people but they also fail in some specific sections of the population. In this article, the conceptual problems leading to this discrepancy of policy and manifestations are elucidated and discussed.

Though there has been literature regarding the issues there has been very little work done as to how to improve from this issue. The Health Development has the task of developing the evidence base in health to inform policies and practices to reduce inequalities. The HAD has done reviews on issues like low birth weight, social supports in pregnancy, prevention of drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, physical activities, injury prevention. Management of obesity and lifestyle diseases but the Geriatric problems has been undermined in this issue.

In fact, the HAD reviews implicated that the dimensions of social positions and social differences such as ethnicity, disability, gender, age, place, and geography were though not been explicitly denied as important but are underdeveloped empirically and theoretically. Thus the question of social work requires a much more prominent role in policy making in health planning services.

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