Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Conducting And Evaluating An

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on conducting and evaluating an interview Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The information gathered during the interview provides an invaluable insight in planning treatment for the client. The determination of the root cause of the problem or “scikness” of the patient will enable the therapist/medical provider to apply the most appropriate treatment to the determined issue thus making treatment effective. The type of questions that were asked were a combination of open ended and closed questions which were designed to get responses from the subject (Credo Reference, 2007). The purpose of the interview was to solicit as much crucial information to identify the root cause for the subject’s chronic headaches so as to come up with a comprehensive outlook as to the cause of this ailment, and try to find out the best course of action that would assist the subject or any other who might be suffering from the same, in coping and handling their situation. II. Ethical consideration of the questions The questions that were also chosen were carefully examined to make sure that they are both ethical and agreeable to the subject. It was crafted in a manner that it will not put the subject on a defensive. Offensive questions inadvertently put the subject on the defensive and prevent them from giving truthful and accurate information which would make it difficult for the interviewer to ascertain the root cause of the subject’s headache. Ill crafted question can become inadvertently unethical that does not only sound judgmental but also blames the subject for their issues. During the duration of the interview, the interviewer also took effort to maintain a warm, emphatic and sincere environment to help maintain rapport that would enable the interviewer to get accurate information from the subject (Credo Reference, 2007).&nbsp. The subjects were also given the utmost beneficence or being treated in “an ethical manner not only by respecting their decisions and protecting them from harm, but also by making efforts to secure their well being … [which is an] act of kindness or charity that go beyond strict obligation (National Institute of Health, 2012). III. Questions asked during interview proper The following questions were asked to the subject among the list of question that was initially drafted. Open questions How do you feel about your chronic headache? What are the things/medication/therapy you are doing/taking to alleviate the pain? Since when did the headache started? What are the activities, circumstances, things or anything that triggers your headache? Can you describe me your typical day and weekend? Closed questions Is the pain associated with your headache tolerable? Can you still function even when you have a headache? Are you taking any medicine or therapy to remedy your headache? Are these medication and/or therapies effective? Are you willing to explore other intervention or therapy to remedy your headache? IV. Evaluation of the techniques used The goal of the interview was to get the correct and informative information for the subject’s chronic headaches.

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