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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on cheap lapor Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In addition to the assistantships program, the graduate students also have access to educational funding. This is basically to attract more international students to take advantage of the outstanding graduate programs the university offers.

Assistantships are the most regular schemes of financial backing to graduate studies. Since the implementation of the said development plans, close to 65 percent of graduate students admitted yearly at the university are beneficiaries of graduate student assistantships (Purdue.edu). As a graduate student at Purdue University, you may benefit from teaching, research, or administrative/specialized assistantships to assist you cater for educational costs and at the same time benefiting from rich employment experience. However, students need to note that when they secure an assistantship, they are regarded as part time workers with the university and the will enjoy all the benefits of assistantship (Purdue.edu). Among these benefits include:

Students also need to know that assistantship program is not limited on department. that is, they can either secure assistantships from their departments of admission or from other department that is not relevant to their faculty, but this is limited to the areas of placements and availability of chances.

This plan is made subject to the continued outcry of our graduate students who are benefiting from the graduate assistantship program. The concern by the student is founded on the following main reasons.

Therefore, this negotiation plan is developed principally to address these three main concerns by our graduate students under the assistantship program. In addressing this issue, it is imperative that we give background information regarding the graduate program, graduate student government, VP /dean of graduate school, President of the Graduate Student Group (Todd, 34).

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