Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Character Autobiography For A

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on character autobiography for an acting class Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Therefore, I can not work as an active, energetic and lively person. I am perceived to be someone with a lot of health problems, somebody who is worthless and who have no more desire for a romance in his life. Due to my heavy weight my movement is like a chimpanzee. Young children frequently get afraid from me at night and at the same time some children want me to make them sit at my head or shoulder so that they may enjoy the height and the cold breeze of the air at a height of six feet and five inches. My unhealthiness has made me exhausted and sardonic. Due to my heavy weight my movement is like a chimpanzee.

Basically my job is to maintain the communication networks that connect people around the country or may be even around the globe. I do not work in the common workshop rather I advertise my number and people get hold of me through my contact number. I am normally hired by everyday people to fix their phones. My job is such that I have to meet a lot of people every day therefore, sometimes I get to engage myself in a fight with some people when they are not paying. On the basis of my every day experiences I am prone to blameless upright fits of righteous anger in which I tend to involve into situations impulsively. Still my expertise and skills provide me with enough money that I may lead a relaxed life with my family. I have to protect my family. For me my family is the main motivational force that constantly reminds me not to indulge myself in little fights as anger can burst out any time, in any form. I really enjoy my time playing mind games with criminals and have some deep dark sense of humour. I may also be described as someone unable to forgive and not ready to show mercy under certain circumstances.

PART TWO: What Hapenned

Today I have an assignment. I have to go to the Paul Bratters’ home in order to fix his phone because he informed me that his house phone stopped working. no dial tone, no incoming calls, no nothing at all. Therefore I have to go to Mr. Paul Bratters’ apartment in order to fix his phone. As I weigh a relatively large amount thus it is very difficult for me to move, and to climb five flights in order to reach Mr. Paul Bratters’ apartment was a real challenge for me. My role of a fat, unhealthy and old-fashioned telephone repair man requires me to be more static. Somehow I managed to climb up to those five sky-high flights and reached Mr. Paul Bratters’ apartment. After that I was so exhausted and tired and was trying to catch my breadth. in that struggle, I was unconsciously making a lot of sound. After few seconds the door opened and a beautiful young smart lady appeared in front of me wearing a yellow top with a bushy white fur coat. I introduced myself by saying Telephone Company. The lady in yellow top asked me to step in. I entered with my black leather telephone relay repair kit with spaced contact boards. It is a device for repairing a defective telephone relay without the necessity of disconnecting contact terminals. The contact terminals in the repair kit form part of the original relay structure. The telephone relay repair kit includes a separate replacement relay which has to be placed in place of the original relay coil. It takes a total repair time of ten minutes.

I looked at my note book and confirmed by saying, “Paul Bratter. Right”(1).

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